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troupeMTC@gmail.com           843-388-3272           www.loveMTCstage.com

Musical Theater Center and Once Upon a Ballet are sister performance art companies. MTC is our non-profit organization that produces musicals through our Troupes, and Once Upon a Ballet trains students ages 2-18 years in Ballet, Acting, Musical Theater, and more! We are an award-winning program that provides professional training for students in singing, acting and dancing while also producing several full-scale musicals a year with casts made up entirely of kids and teens. Musicals produced by kids, FOR kids (and the whole family!)

4 levels of troupe: 

Showstoppers, Players, Jr. Company, Sr. Company

  • Each Troupe is dedicated to the growth of each individual child as they train in musical theater. They each have a different level of expectations and training requirements.
  • Placement in a troupe is based on several factors
  • Skill level and/or natural potential in acting, dancing and singing, as well as age/grade level, social maturity, attendance in technique classes and rehearsals,  and overall positive contribution to the studio environment. 


Age limits are designed for optimal growth for the group and the individuals that participate. These limits are subject to change at any moment depending on the participation for a given season.

Being eligible for the Troupe does NOT mean they will be placed into that Troupe.

  1. Showstoppers: Rising 1st-3rd graders
  2. Players: Rising 2nd-7th graders
  3. Jr. Company: Rising 4th-9th graders
  4.  Sr. Company: Rising 8th-12th graders

Yearly commitment to troupe 

  • If they accept their spot in Troupe, they need to honor their commitment and attend all rehearsals for the entire 2020-2021 season.
  • All weekly rehearsals,  tech week rehearsals and performances are 100% mandatory, as well as additional weekend rehearsals.
  • Troupe members are expected to participate in the full academic year. 
    • If a student drops out mid-year, the family is still expected to pay the full year tuition, and we do not offer refunds. 
    • MTC reserves the right to remove a student, with or without probation, from Troupe and/or their role if they do not follow the policies and rules detailed in the Troupe Manual given out at the beginning of the school year. 

Steps to Get into Troupe

    1. Audition: There is limited space, students who don’t make it into Troupe this year will be added to a waitlist, and are encouraged to try again next year and train in our workshops and dance classes in the meantime!
  • Get accepted: Acceptance emails will be sent within a week of their audition.
  • Acceptance: Your acceptance is only official when you have paid at least half of your production fee at time of acceptance, and you have turned in all your paperwork that is emailed upon acceptance.


  • There is a limited number of need-based scholarships (partial and full) available.
  • Applications are sent upon request, and the MTC Non-Profit 501(c)3 Board will determine the amount of each scholarship. 
  • Recipients of scholarships must be fully committed to participating in the FULL year of Troupe, including all trips (cost not included in tuition) and performances.

Troupe Payments and what it includes

  • Showstoppers:  9 payments of $188 (starting in September) 
    • $1700 total or $1530 if you paid in full by check by August 21 [10% off]
    • Includes 1 weekly rehearsal and 1 Ballet class
    • $150 production fee- due Aug 21st
  • Players:  9 payments of $321 (starting in September)
    • $2890 total or $2601  if you paid in full by check by August 21 [10% off]
    • Includes 1 weekly rehearsal, 1 Ballet class and 1 musical theater/rehearsal technique class. 
    • A $200 production fee – due Aug 21st
  • Jr. Company: 9 payments of $468 (starting in September)
    • $4210 total or $3789  if you paid in full by check by August 21 [10% off]
    • Includes 2 weekly rehearsals and other rehearsals, 1 Ballet class, 1 Jazz class, 2 elective classes
    •  Adding on an additional technique class is recommended. 
    • A $250 production fee- due Aug 21st
  • Sr. Company: 9 payments of $545 (starting in September)
    • $4900 total or $4410  if you paid in full by check by  August 21 [10% off]
    • Includes 2 weekly rehearsals, additional rehearsals, mandatory weekly Jazz and Ballet classes, as well as unlimited additional weekly classes.
    • A $250 production fee- due Aug 21st


  • MTC is a non-profit: we thrive from the help of volunteers and donors
  • Hours required: Showstoppers- 10 hours or $250 fee, Players- 14 hours or $350 fee, Jr. Company & Sr. Company families- 16 hours or $400 fee 
  • One parent from each family is required to help with the striking of one set per year.

As a company, 2020-2021 would have been a travel year for Players- Sr. Company, where we require them to participate in a given trip to another state where we perform and/or compete. With the current state of COVID-19, we are going to leave these off of the calendar for now. We want to give our students the opportunity to perform in other cities or even compete, but not at the cost of their health. An optional trip may be added onto the calendar for troupe students.

How to sign Up: 

  1. Pay the $10 audition fee 
    • This non-refundable fee holds their spot in the auditions. 
    • Sign up and pay fee here
  2. Fill out this Google Form 
  3. Dance Audition: You will receive a dance combination video a week prior to the auditions for the student to learn. We will also provide the music for the dance.

The audition info… 


    • Students will come prepared to dance the pre-selected dance combination. You can find your child’s dance here
    • The student will be asked to Sing, Dance and do their Monologue  (4th and up) during their time slot.
    • They will be allowed to leave once that is complete. It will last about 10 minutes 

Wear: dressed to dance. 

    • Girls: leotard and jazz pants, with jazz shoes. Boys: plain t-shirt, jazz pants, and jazz shoes. 
      • Hair up in a polished bun. If too short, to go into a bun, pin off their face (boys, too).
      • No jewelry

What to Bring

  • Your audition music: Please have a device with the song already on it, or send it to us the day before their audition. It must be a karaoke version of the song.
    • You can send a YouTube link or a google drive link 


  • Present the dance combo. We will play the music  
  • Sing the song they have prepared 
  • Perform Monologues if they are rising 4th grade and above.
  •  They will be scored on their professionalism during the audition in addition to their singing, acting, and dancing scores. 

How to Prepare for each age group

Rising 8th-12th graders:

  1. Memorize a one-minute monologue from scripts, monologue books, or Google
    1. Examples of appropriate monologues below: 
  2. 30 seconds to 1 min of any musical theater song – Please find a karaoke track without vocals, and test it on another device before your zoom call 
  3. Dance Link

Rising 4th-7th Graders:

    1. Memorize a 30 second monologue found in scripts, monologue books, or Google
  • Examples of appropriate monologues below: 
  1. 30 seconds to 1 min cut of any musical theater song (not pop tune)-  Please find a karaoke track without vocals, and test it on another device before your zoom call   
  2. Dance Link

Rising 1st-3rd Graders:

  1. Need to prepare ONE selection LISTED HERE
  2. Practice as often as possible with the music without vocals. Memorize the lyrics and practice the way they will present the song (without the vocal track)- please test their song on a different device than the one they are zooming on for the audition
  3. Dance Link

Click here for Monologue Samples: